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How to become SAP FICO Functional Consultant

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

This blog post has been written by a Charted Accountant by qualification & #SAPFICO consultant by profession.

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Welcome to my blog post!! Are you looking go be a part of SAP World? SAP ERP is world most used ERP in the world. Let's understand 1st the type of consultant in SAP / ERP world. There is 3 type of consultant - 1. Functional Consultant 2. Technical Consultant 3. System Administrator.

“Are you looking to become a SAP FICO Functional Consultant ?? If Yes, Then we will guide and help you to be a part of prestigious industry. We works on the principles "Nothing is easy in this world & Nothing is impossible in this world - Its matters only that on which side we are”

1. SAP FI / CO Functional Consultant :- To be a SAP Functional consultant you have to have the understanding of business process. From where you got this knowledge is?? 1st from the academic and 2nd is working in industry. we have to understand basically all the steps to complete the particular process. Its also like the work flow. For example - if you want to be #SAPFICO Functional consultant then you must have knowledge / Experience of Accounting - General Ledger, Account Payable/ Receivable, Asset Accounting, Controlling, Internal orders, Cost / Profit center accounting, Profitability Analysis, Product costing, Various reports etc.

2. SAP Technical Consultant :- We knew that SAP ERP is a software, so if there is software there must be a software consultant/ engineer and its technical. SAP has been build on SAP ABAP Language, Its the DNA of the SAP Systems, all the back end programming has been done on #SAPABAP. The whole systemes has been build on it, So any addition and deletion needed in this SAP software can be done only through SAP ABAP language/ Consultant. Its 100% Technical/ Development.

3. SAP System Administration (#SAPBASIS) - Any software systems will must have some backed systems where the software would be installed, this software need connectivity to the users, This need to be a storage systems with security/firewall, All together this system become a very complex systems and managing this system we need to somebody who understand the landscape of SAP Systems - here SAP BASIS guys comes in. This is not just technical but more related with the hardware and its functions.

So if you want to be SAP consultant ? connect with us for consultation, We provides free consultation/ counselling as a part of our social responsibilities.

Happy to help you to be a SAPFICO consultant!



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